Welcome To Notes From Gaucín

notesfromgaucin_edited-1Just a stone’s throw from the most southerly tip of Europe there is a small village clinging to the top of a mountain. 

This village is Gaucín and it is one of the most unique of Andalucia’s famous white villages. Gaucín sits on the edge of the Serranía de Ronda and is famed for its stunning view south towards Gibraltar and the Rif mountains of Morocco. It is the only place in Europe from which you can see two continents and three countries…

Notes From Gaucín celebrates what makes the village so unique through stories, features and – because every picture tells a story – plenty of photographs…

I love my mountain village with a passion and am so excited to be launching this blog. I want to share this amazing corner of the world by creating a sense of place. I hope you will come back time and time again and that through these posts Gaucín will work its magic on you too…

Notes From Gaucín welcomes community interaction. If you have a story to share or would like to know more about getting involved, please get in touch.

All images © Pip Art

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