Fiesta Del Zorro

notesfromgaucin_edited-1Many of the bars throw a party during feria weekend but the one not to miss is at La Taberna Del Zorro.

It is a predominantly Spanish affair, but tourists are made welcome and Manolo and Inma are gracious and generous hosts.

Manolo sets up an outside bar and a small low stage tucked in the corner between the fisioterapia clinic and the ayuntamiento and, on the Saturday of feria weekend from about one o’clock, the Plaza del Guzman el Bueno is jam-packed with families, groups of friends drinking and couples – quite literally – dancing in the street.

It is the hottest time of the day but the square benefits from the shade of a good-sized tree and Monolo strings up a tarpaulin for extra protection.

The square always catches a breeze as it whips up the hill and this year the magnificent crochet cloud that decorates the square sways gently in the current.

Cristobel courteously offers a platter of food, and then immediately spoils the gesture by knocking a jug of cold, frothy beer along the length of the bench of ladies that he is trying to impress. A clearly devoted grandfather entertains the curly-haired toddler on his knee, endlessly patient as he has the little girl giggling hysterically. Impeccably beautiful girls cluster near the bar. How do they keep their hair and make-up so perfect when all around them, the crowd is melting into a giant sweaty puddle?

The music is deafening. A band has been hired and they play tirelessly for most of the afternoon, taking short refreshment breaks whilst recorded music plays on. On this particular fiesta afternoon a lively wood and wind ensemble from Estapona join the party. The singer from the hired band looks more than a little peeved when the travelling players stole their thunder as they samba through the crowd. They stay and play a handful more numbers whilst Inma sends out a jug of ice-cold rebujitos (sherry topped up with lemonade) in kindness for the entertainment they were providing.

The crowd throng enthusiastically around them and sing along, gyrating their hips and swaying held-aloft arms in time to the music.

The atmosphere is festive and jovial. This day, this afternoon, everyone one there is a friend. If any feuds exist, they are not on show. After all, the Spanish love a good party…

all images © Pip Art

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