Welcoming In The New…

notesfromgaucin_edited-1When the clocks strike midnight in a few hours time, the streets of Gaucín are likely to be quiet. New Year’s Eve is a time for family and friends whilst the bars will be heaving all day, come evening their doors will be locked and the shutters pulled down as the villagers wander home for a family celebration.

Spanish tradition at midnight is to eat 12 grapes, one with each dong of the bell. If you succeed in eating all twelve by the time midnight strikes good luck will come your way in the coming year although as an added insurance you are recommended to do this wearing an item of red underwear. This tradition is said to date back more than 100 years and to have probably originated in Madrid in the 1880s.

Whether you are partying with friends, celebrating with family or simply enjoying a cosy night at home, Notes From Gaucín wishes you all a healthy and prosperous 2017.

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