Flamin’ Christmas…

The lights have been switched off one last time and Christmas is over for another year. Sadly this year Christmas quite literally went up in flames, the victim of a rare and unusual bit of Gaucín vandalism.

For the last three years, the village has been decorated with crochet decorations and a magnificent crochet Christmas Tree in the centre of Plaza de Santo Niño.  This amazing undertaking is the work of Decorando Gaucín | Urban Crochet | Gaucín , a group of local women who devote much of their spare time to creating incredible seasonal crochet decorations for the village.  I was fortunate enough to meet Andrea – one of the group’s leading lights – for coffee the summer before last, not long after their first extraordinary crochet canopies were hoisted high above several of the the village streets and she filled me in on the group’s story.

This year smaller crochet trees joined the centrepiece and it was one of these that fell prey to vandalism.  The Mayor, Pedro Godino Martín, had a stern warning for the perpetrator…

“All my appreciation, affection and solidarity with those women who have been preparing for months… I regret to say that it will only serve as an incentive to continue trying to improve our town for all the neighbours, including yourself.”

The lead up to Christmas includes the very popular Christmas Market where many of Gaucín’s very talented villagers sell their wares at the 2-day event. There were carols and  concerts at the parish Church and a charming Fun Run the weekend before Christmas where young families got together to run the 2 kilometre course around the village streets.

Gaucín’s Christmas festivities culminated in Día de Reyes and as usual the event brought families and communities together in celebration as the Royal Postman arrived to collect the children’s letters and prepare the way for the los Reyes Magos.

Notes From Gaucín shares the Mayor’s sentiments and hopes that the wonderful members of Decorando Gaucín will rise again this year.

All images © Pip Art

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