About Me

Self Portrait_edited-1What are my credentials for writing about this remote mountain village you might well ask?  

I have been a part-time villager for the last 18 years and have come to know Gaucín, its people and wider environment well.

I came across Gaucín quite by chance back in 2001 when a friend offered me the use of her holiday home here.  Arriving late at night after a hairy drive through the mountains in the dark, it was not until the following morning when I opened the shutters that I realised the village was perched at the very top of a mountain. The view that greeted me – a view rolling south towards the Straits of Gibraltar with the Rock and the Rif mountains of Morocco in the distance – took my breathe away as it still does to this day.

By the end of that holiday I had embarked on a love story that is still unfolding some two decades years later.

With a degree in tourism and a background in photography, lecturing in tourism and running cultural and heritage events, I hope to use these combined skills to create a sense of place: to bring the area alive, describe rural Spanish life and help prospective visitors make the most of their visit.

I am a photographer, graphic/web designer, up cycler and blogger and have clients both here in Gaucín and in the UK. I am also a member of Artes Creativo Gaucín and took part in their group exhibitions in May 2018 and 2019.

Eventually (Brexit willing), I plan to end my days here…