A Sense Of Place

notesfromgaucin_edited-1Visitor interpretation is an aspect of tourism management that aims to create a sense of place… 

Notes From Gaucín celebrates what makes the village so unique through stories, features and – because every picture tells a story – plenty of photographs.

I love my mountain village with a passion and never tire of spending time here so what I don’t want to do, is spoil it by encouraging inappropriate tourism. For that reason, I was sorely tempted to keep the true identity of my village secret but then if I did that my posts would not have any particular context. Besides, each of Andalucía’s white villages has it’s own individual and unique identity.

So what I do want to get across is the precious nature of this area, the generosity of the host community and the need to respect both. As a tourism professional who believes in sustainability, balancing the benefits of tourism development whilst protecting the local environment and communities is the modern dilemma!

Sometimes I will post about a village event and with a packed calendar of events there are plenty to chose from!  I also intend to write about neighbouring villages and towns, and sometimes I will simply describe village life. Eventually I hope to post in both English and Spanish.

Notes From Gaucín welcomes community interaction. If you have a story to share or would like to know more about getting involved, please contact me using the form below: